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A/O American Optical Microscope Illumination
B&L Baush & Lomb B&L Microscope & Equipment Illumination

Burton Burton Medical & Surgical Lighting

Burton (R.H.) Opthalmic Equipment R H Burton Bulbs & Lamps
 Cabot Medical System 3000 Video Laparoscope

 Endomed LSS700 Endoscopic Replacement Bulbs

Demetron Dental Photo Curing

Den-Mat Dental Photo Curing Bulbs

Dolan Jenar Fiber Optic Microscope & Equipment Illumination

Fujinon Fiber Optic Illumination / Endoscopic

GE Specialty Incandescent Bulbs

Germicidal UV Lamps

Hanalux / Seimens Surgical & Operating Room Applications

Healthco Dental Photo Curing
LEITZ Wetzler Microscope & Equipment Light Bulbs
 Leica Microscope & Equipment Light Bulbs

Meiji Techno America Microscope Illumination
Neitz Ophtalmic Lamps

 Nikon Microscope & Equipment Illumination

Olympus Microscope & Medical Equipment Bulbs

Opti-Quip Microscope & Opthalmic Applications

Osram Equivalent Bulbs
Phillips Equivalent Bulbs

 Microscopes & Equipment Bulbs

Stocker & Yale Lite-Mite Flourescent Ring Illuminator Lamps

Swift Microscope Illumination

Topcon Ophthalmic Lamps & Bulbs

Unitron Scientific & Microscope Illumination

Volpi (American Volpi) Fiber Optic Illumination

Welch Allyn Medical & Opthalmic Applications

Wild Heerburgg Microscope Illumination
 Zeiss Microscopes & Medical Equipment Illumination